Joey Warren started dancing when he was 10 years old. He attended a line dance class every Thursday called "Boot Scootin Boogie!" However that only lasted for about a year and a half because the place was shut down. From that point, till he was 17 years old, Joey went back to being focused on school and sports. As those years went by, he had friends that kept dancing and told him that it had drastically changed. In June of 2003, he attended his first dance event, the JG2 Line Dance Marathon. He didn't know any dances but was able to take many workshops and see all the new styles of dance. That's all it took.

Today, Joey Warren has been professionally teaching and choreographing since 2004. His first dance, "In The Zone", was well received and taught at many dance events. Joey is known for dances such as, "Tainted Love", "Those Applebottom Jeans", "It's Goin Roung Round", "Last Minute" with Rachael McEnaney, "Stoked", "Wicked", "Talking to the Moon", "Dead of Night", "So Fresh", "Hurry Up & Wait" with Debbie McLaughlin and "Cold Blooded Lover". He's been blessed to work with some amazing choreographers!

Also, Joey has appeared in music videos including "Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love" by Trisha Yearwood and "Stomp" by Steve Richard. Along with the videos, Joey's been lucky enough to perform at live shows with Barry and Dari Anne Amato in Nashville and the surrounding areas.

Dancing wasn't the only focus for Joey as he completed his Bachelor degree, in May of 2009, in Business Administration, with specialization in sales and management. Currently he's still busy working at the family business, J.W. Steel Inc., but, also enjoying being back on the circuit and going to his favorite events.